Free pizza at the GO station

Yesterday was a pretty good day on the GO train. When I got on in the morning, there were people in chef hats shivering and handing out flyers of some sort. As is my natural instinct at this point in my career as a citizen, I walked by them quickly and averted my eyes. No flyer given.

Turns out you were supposed to give them to the same people when you got back to the station in the evening for a free pizza. However it appears that the people doing the handing out got lazy, or just felt it was a stupid idea to ask for a flyer, so they were just handing them out to everyone. So I got a free frozen pizza. Booya.

Normally I don’t like too much advertising, selling, or marketing in public spaces and train stations (that jewellery stall at Union that jams up the works comes to mind) but if they’re giving me free food, hell, GO Transit can let them do this as much as they want. Haven’t tried the pizza yet though…

P.S. For those interested I believe this marketing team will be moving to Guildwood station today… if you really want a free pizza, might I suggest getting off at Guildwood and then getting back on the next train to continue your journey. (I know it’s a long wait, but some people like me really like free pizza).

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