Governor General makes huge error

So I checked the headlines at lunch as I usually do… and what do I find, but to my horror and shock, Michaelle Jean, GG of Canada, has agreed to prorogue Parliament until January 26. This is an absolute mistake.

In agreeing to Harper’s request, Jean has changed the position of GG. Previously, proroguation was only to be used in “emergency” situations. Far from being an emergency, this is merely a prime minister backtracking and trying to keep his political career afloat. This means that future GGs, whose protocol is based on precident, are pretty much forced to prorogue at any time at the bequest of a PM.  If you thought the GG post was merely ceremonial before, NOW you know for sure it is.

Emerging from his meeting with Jean, Harper said, “Today’s decision will give us an opportunity — I’m talking about all the parties — to focus on the economy and work together.” While this sounds nice and rosy, is there any reason why I should trust Stephen? His actions led to this mess. This is the same kind of talk he had coming out of the election campaign, and look what he did to a mere economic update.

Of course by “opportunity… to focus on the economy and work together”, what Harper really means is ‘an opportunity to spend Conservative money on a massive PR campaign to destroy the credibility of a coalition’. (While I hope this is not the case, I have absolutely, positively no reason to believe otherwise). So, by proroguing Parliament, Jean has willfully aided and abetted a political party in a smear campaign.

Think about it. What is the benefit to the people of Canada of proroguing Parliament, especially for this enormous length of time? It means we have to wait longer for any threads of economic stimulous from Flaherty, despite already having the opportunity to provide that already. It means that the “coalition” parties are in a very difficult position, put there by the GG herself. They have made it clear they have no confidence in the government. The GG has now allowed the government to continue governing without the confidence of the house.

What will change between now and January 26? It will be interesting to see the strategy employed by the coalition. Will they back off, or continue to fight for their right to form a coalition? Survival is not certain for Harper now, as the coalition could still give a vote of non-confidence. However, if Harper is to prevent this from happening, he must make some serious concessions in the budget so as to make it impossible for the coalition parties to vote down. That, or advertise the hell out of Canadian airwaves and build public support against the coalition, to the point where it would be political suicide for the Liberals to follow through.

So, results of this chaos:

1. Harper has killed his chance of ever forming a majority (he has fully lost his way in Quebec).
2. Jean has destroyed some of the legitimacy of the GG office, which may lead to its eradication in the future (i.e. Republic of Canada).
3. Harper’s career has peaked. Since he won’t ever win a majority, he is useless to his party as leader. Look for him to resign within the next couple of years.
4. Parliament will be enormously different in a few years time. Harper will be gone, Dion will be gone, and Ducceppe will concievably have moved on to greener pastures.

All in all, this chaos has really pissed me off. I’m even more angry now.

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