Thoughts on the political kerfuffle

It seems to me the general sentiment among those who aren’t so politically active is to tell the House to shut the hell up and get on with whatever the hell it is you want to do. People are tired of the stupidity of misplaced partisanship, and the disrespect and recklessness for this country’s citizens shown by some MPs. Politics was never supposed to be this way, and apart from the political junkie in me, it’s just damn annoying.

There’s plenty of manure to spread around, so here’s my spread:

1. Harper. I’d like to believe that you’re a good politician and a solid family man, but I cannot help but wonder what on this bloody earth you were thinking when you planned to cut public subsidy to political parties and ban public service strikes. Any opposition worth their stripes would oppose an economic update based on that. What did you think, Dion would just roll over and die while a flock of puffins (i.e. the Conservative economic update) flew by and took a big crap all over him? Using the media’s words, you came out of the election campaign with a ‘conciliatory tone’. So much for that BS. This isn’t a game dammit, and you crossed the line bigtime. As it stands right now, you are the primary reason behind this crisis. If there is a capable, more reasonable leader in the Conservative ranks, please stand up and take Harper’s place. He’s blind.

2. Flaherty. I don’t know who you think you are, or how in God’s good earth you got re-elected all those times, but I am really, really upset with you. Just a few short years ago the federal budget was humming along, posting enormous surpluses and paying down the debt. Granted, those were high economic times. However… the fact that we have now surely fallen into deficit so quickly after the surplus was in the tens of billions of dollars, you must take some blame. You failed to give the budget a large enough cushion, and irresponsibly cut taxes with your rose-coloured glasses on. And maybe it wasn’t your idea to cut public funding to parties or to ban public service strikes… but maybe it was. It sure sounds like one of your plots. I haven’t forgiven you for Ontario’s mess and I might never forgive you for this mess.

3. Ducceppe. Your Bloc has been “blocking” progress at Parliament Hill for years. Yes, you have been voted in by citizens. Yes, you have some right to be there. This is unfortunate. WIthout you, Quebeckers would vote for the other legitimate federal parties, not your regional one. Let’s face it, if every province had something like an “Alberta Party” or “Ontario Party” those parties would probably get the most seats in that province too. You have no business being in federal politics and you’re just gumming up the works. Leave.

4. Dion. You knew from the very beginning your “green shift” was going to be a tough sell, and unsellable in Alberta. Yet you kept on pushing it. I like a politician of principle, but I also like pragmatists. Sometimes you have to realize that it’s not working and it’s not going to work. The right thing to do would have been to give up on it and

4. Politicians in general. Yes, the whole lot of you. Everyone in the country just wants something to be done about the economy, and you give us this shit. We don’t want to hear about who’s working with the separatists this time. The fact is you have all used their significant amount of seats to your advantage at one time or another. We just want some help from you to get us through this tough economic time. Then you can go back to doing whatever and we can just ignore you.

Here’s a thought, why don’t you all stop being douchebags and get together and make some compromises. This is what minority government is supposed to be about, making compromises. I realize that might be hard with someone like Flaherty at the table, so throw him and his lot out, and just get some work done. Canada needs some friggin leadership, not the tomfoolery of a bunch of cretins on supreme ego-trips.

Canadians all across the country have pulled up their socks and prepared for the economic onslaught. Time for you fools to do the same, whoever the hell is the leader.

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