An “Ahab of parliamentary mischief”

Paul Wells (Macleans) has always sort of impressed me with his writing. I like his casual yet intelligent style. So it was no surprise, when I happened to read his latest column, that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In it, he summarises the past year in the House of Commons, looking at Harper’s actions in particular. Wells makes the case that Canada’s parliament has not functioned since May of this year, an incredibly depressing statement of affairs. I won’t summarise the article here, only just to say that you should definitely read it. My favourite part of the article:

Everyone will blame somebody different for this state of affairs, but consider our increasingly erratic Prime Minister. In April and May he sent his MPs and his caucus’s committee chairmen into a dozen committee rooms with written instructions for bringing the business of Parliament grinding to a halt. In July he urged Stéphane Dion to “fish or cut bait” in the matter of election timing. By late August he was furious to discover that Parliament was dysfunctional, in the manner of a man who pees on the floor and then complains the carpet is damp. He proceeded to cut Dion’s bait by calling an election in defiance of the plain meaning of his own fixed election-date act. He campaigned on warnings that Dion would run a deficit, then delivered a victory speech full of fond wishes for peace and co-operation. Then he set about explaining why he’d probably have to run a deficit. Before long he was in Peru calling deficits “essential.”

Really, really funny, especially the bit about peeing on the floor. Well done Mr. Wells!

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