Ignatieff’s honeymoon

I have been preoccupied with school lately, hence a dispariging lack of postings on this blog.

That said, I have been keeping up with the news, and as a supporter of Michael Ignatieff, I felt compelled to write about something.

The mainstream media seems to have taken on the hobby of predicting when so-and-so’s “honeymoon” is coming to an end. It has become so apparent to me and others in Ignatieff’s case that I just had to write something about it.

I think everyone is familiar with the concept of a “honeymoon” by now. We get it: it’s a metaphor meaning a period of time as a politician when, after being elected leader or whatnot, everything you do is a success and most everyone loves you. It’s like when you get married, and you go on a trip soon after, and you and your spouse are still crazy about being together for hours upon end. Oh wait… that’s the metaphor.

We get that Michael Ignatieff is enjoying a “honeymoon” period right now. It is expected, as he was just recently voted in as leader of the Liberals and was instantly greater than Steve Harper. But it seems that the MSM is out to ruin Iggy’s honeymoon bliss by constantly wondering aloud or declaring that his honeymoon is over. It’s like, if you were a 16-year-old and you went to a house party, and your mum came with you and reminded you constantly what time you had to be home.

Anyway, what pushed me to write here today was an article about an article in the Globe and Mail. (It seems to me that whenever there is an article about an article it’s usually bullshit reportage.) Oddly, the article is by a Canadian Press writer. It describes a New York Times article in which high praise for Ignatieff is given, basically saying that he will be the next PM. What the article mentions, but fails to extentuate, is that the article was published in the Times‘ Fashion & Style section. What a profile of a Canadian opposition leader is doing there is beyond me. But that should inform you somewhat of the iffy credibility of all the hoopla.

What’s more, the blog Gawker.com picked up on the story, and have a post entitled Canadawesome: Is Michael Ignatieff Canada’s Barack Obama? Top points for an interesting headline (the beginning which they have probably been dieing to use) but really unnecessary. For nowhere in the Times article is Obama’s name mentioned.

So now we have the Globe publishing a story which says the Times is “fawning” over Ignatieff, and goes on to discuss the Gawker post comparing him to Obama. That leaves Conservative skeptics and supporters like Tim Powers crying in his soup, calling it an “orgy of idolatry“. I wonder if that’s what they called Conservative caucus meetings before Harper took his enormous fall from grace?

Kidding aside, Ignatieff didn’t ask for these admiring articles to be written. In fact, he probably cringes every time he sees one because it is more fuel for the Conservatives possible anti-American fire (i.e. Iggy spent x number of years in the US; supported the war in Iraq; he’s an American). On a personal note, (since this is MY blog) I have to say I don’t give a crap if Iggy is having an extended honeymoon or not. The fact of the matter is, what he has done in a month is completely reorganized the opposition and the Liberal Party, and brought the Liberals neck and neck with the Conservatives. That’s deserving of a quick honeymoon if anything.

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