GO Transit to start Niagara service

Something that seems to have gone in under the radar (especially of Toronto media) is the fact that GO announced they will begin weekend rail service to Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls Review article here).

Discussions are ongoing to implement weekday bus service from Niagara Region to Toronto, but this announcement came as a surprise. However, it makes a lot of sense. GO parks a lot of its trains for the weekend because the majority of their lines are only weekday or peak-hours service. By putting these unused locomotives into service, GO increases revenue (albeit only slightly– and no one’s saying that they’re doing this to make money). The new service is also forecasted to be a boost to tourism for the Region, which has been suffering lately (like many other toursim-based areas).

GO will run 4 trains a day on the weekend, and a one-way ticket to Union from Niagara Falls will cost a mere $15.90.  Compare that rate to VIA ($37.81) or Coach Canada ($26.41) and the provincial government has presumably just taken a huge bite out of the weekend demand for the competing services.

Overall, I’m all for any improvement in regional transport so this is great news.

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