Quick, name a regressive technology!

Continuing on a bit of a rail kick, I decided to share this Slate article by Tom Vanderbilt with you. It’s about how rail in the USA has actually regressed over the past century.

I think people generally know that the North American rail system could be far better, but many aren’t aware of the range of benefits that rail could provide. And also, many are too aware of the problems with rail. For instance, when working in downtown Toronto, I take the GO commuter rail, but a common thread of conversation among friends who don’t is the delays. It’s one of those things– you won’t hear a news story about a train being on schedule 90% of the time, but you will hear a story every time a train is delayed by a significant margin.

All this thinking about rail makes me wonder– how’s that Ontario-Quebec high-speed rail study coming, gents? Supposedly it’ll take a year to complete. Oof.

  1. January 27th, 2012

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