Planners consult colour chart

In their quest to calm traffic along busy Market St, San Francisco transportation planners found themselves consulting a colour chart and the state traffic code.

What were they doing consulting a colour chart you may ask? Well, see, they were going to put red brick at intersections to help warn drivers of cyclists, pedestrians, buses and trolleys, but somehow they found out red-brick was better suited to demarcate transit-only lanes (where they found this information is not made clear). So, off they went and found the colour chart, and somehow decided upon beige, BEIGE of all colours/shades, to “grab the attention of drivers”. I guess this is what happens when planners consult a colour chart?

To top it all off, a top transportation planner was quoted as saying the colour is actually “organic fair-trade frappuccino”. Disregarding the fact that unorganic unfair-trade frappuccinos are likely the same colour, this was still just dumb. It will be interesting to see how beige the beige is though.

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