“The Commons”

Just a heads up, recently I’ve come to appreciate the Macleans website. More specifically, I love to read Aaron Wherry‘s blog/columns called “The Commons”. Essentially, they are a summary of what goes on in the House of Commons Question Period every day it’s in session. I find his writing style excellent, as it makes the most mundane (Question Period– sometimes) seem highly entertaining.

Coincidentally, today was an extra-special day in the House, as numerous protestors disturbed the proceeding from the viewing gallery. Today was also the day the new CBC News Network (formerly Newsworld) launched, and so far I like what I see. The visual format is less stuffy, more aesthetically pleasing, and there are some new shows that I’m looking forward to watching. I’d like to see how Mark Kelley runs his own show, as I’ve always appreciated his in-depth reports. They also launched a new politics portal which looks to be an improvement on what (if anything) was there before (still going to miss Don Newman in his nightly show, but at least he’s kicking around).  Finally, the National is getting refreshed, with Peter Mansbridge stepping out from behind the desk, and of course all the new visuals from CBC NN. Should be exciting.

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