Mayor McCallion again, unless she doesn’t exist

In response to rambling speculation by rival and possible mayoral candidate Carolyn Parrish, Mississauga’s long-time mayor Hazel McCallion has come out swinging.

According to the National Post, she said she plans to run in the October election “unless I’m dead”.

In what is a direct response to Parrish, the mayor said:

“There are people that may want to be mayor, on council now, that want to be mayor very badly… And if they want to be mayor, put their name up. Run against me. Put their name up … I challenge anybody to keep up with me.”

Those familiar with the politics of Mississauga know that this is vintage McCallion. She is perhaps the most fiery of any big-city mayor in Canada– mostly because she can be. Her approval rating is always over 90%.

But an upcoming judicial inquiry into the city’s business dealings, including her alleged involvement in a land deal gone wrong involving her son, is perhaps McCallion’s greatest challenge yet.

Furthermore, there is growing division on council, mostly along the lines of those that support McCallion and those that support Parrish. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it is something unfamiliar to Mississauga over the last 30+ years. As for who is to blame for this “negativity”, McCallion is quite clear:

“The people are very happy with the way the city has gone. I don’t know what went wrong in the last couple of years, but it’s obviously that a certain councillor got on the council.”

At 89, McCallion is the mayor that keeps on going. It seems clear that she will continue to be mayor until she no longer exists.

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