Earth Hour gets more ridiculous

Earth Hour, as a concept, is faulty. Behind all the sponsorships, cross-promotions, and endorsements by governments and politicians, is the idea that by turning off the power for an hour in March will help the planet. It is supposed to create “awareness” of the climate change/global warming issue, but what it actually does is make environmental activists feel good about themselves while clearing the roads of cars for the rest of the population.

Now, according to a spokesperson for WWF, the organization that spearheads the event, the “theme” for this year’s Earth Hour is “making every hour Earth Hour”. The spokesperson continues, “we want to make people aware of everything they can do to reduce their carbon footprint”. Creating awareness of environmental issues.

Well, hold on a minute. Don’t we have an Earth Day? April 22, internationally, is Earth Day. It’s purpose, from the Earth Day Canada website, is to “provide Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools they need to lessen their impact on the environment”. Also known as creating awareness of environmental issues.

Why the overlap? I asked the WWF and I have not received a response. One is left to speculate: a thorough scan of their website indicates that WWF is not all that involved in Earth Day. Perhaps, with Earth Day Canada receiving many sponsorships for their organization of Earth Day activities, WWF is looking to cash in for themselves with their own event. Maybe that is a stretch, but charities are still financial entities.

Whatever the reason, Earth Day is a more legitimate event due to its historical success and its straight-shooting purpose. Earth Hour, while in its infancy, is an attempt to create awareness that falls flat on its face because of its conflicting ideals and purpose.

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