Infographic No. 1 – CFL Stadium Footprints

As part of a little project I have assigned myself regarding the Argos dormant search for a new, CFL-sized stadium, I have compiled the sizes of all current CFL stadiums (and Frank Clair Stadium in Ottawa) as a tool to help me determine which potential stadium sites in Toronto could actually work.

Recently I have gained an interest in infographics; if correctly designed, they can effectively replace a page full of text, or a bland spreadsheet list. I do not claim to be a designer, so my first infographic may be a little rough around the edges, but I do welcome your critical comments.

This infographic was made using Bing’s aerial maps. I zoomed in on each stadium at the same scale, took a screenshot, and from there used Photoshop to outline the building footprint and convert it into a solid colour (loosely corresponding to the team’s colours). The measured area of each stadium was also determined through Bing maps; I believe it to be accurate to +/- 0.5 ha. The infographic was somewhat inspired by this one.

Click the thumbnail below to see a larger image.

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