Fascinating transport of beer tanks

One of the more interesting stories I have come across recently is this about the planned transport of six giant beer fermenting tanks from Germany to Molson’s Toronto brewery near Pearson Airport. It is difficult to comprehend just how huge these stainless steel tanks are– 7 metres tall (lying horizontally) and weighing 43 500 kg or more.

Toronto Star graphic

While the way they got from Germany to Canada– by boat– is interesting enough, the part of the journey that really fascinates me is the final leg, from the Port of Hamilton to the brewery on Carlingview Drive. From the Star story:

“[The] plan, which will be put into action on Friday, is a feat that involves moving 250 traffic lights, manoeuvring around 1,614 service wires, and slowing down nighttime traffic for four nights as a 40-vehicle convoy crawls through a meticulously planned route through five municipalities. All this for beer.”

There are other numbers that illustrate just how difficult a task it is to plan a shipment like this. 75 people met in a boardroom in November and took all day to figure out the route; the route was surveyed 70 times; and 20 different service providers will have to help the convoy manoeuvre around 1 614 service wires along the route.

Frank DeVries, who has the job of co-ordinating all this, has to be admired for his commitment to the job. Surely at around 6:00 a.m., January 11th, when the shipment is due to arrive at the brewery, Mr DeVries and his crew will be able to feel a great sense of accomplishment.

You can follow the convoy’s progress via Mr DeVries’ Twitter account.

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